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This is what the engine looked like when pulled from the car. Dirty, all the original fittings were still attached and many were just plugged with bolts or anythihng they could find laying around.

Last summer I found this Bugatti replica back in Connecticut. It looked good so I bought it and had it shipped to Arizona. This car was manufactured in the late 70s or early 80s by Ironsmith, Inc. It is the only Bugatti replica that had a front engine. All the other American made kits used the VW engine which was under the tail. These cars are out of balance and have many things wrong with them. This one is the best and rarest of the Bugatti kits in this country. The next one up is the Teal Bugatti from England. Up from that is the Pur Sang from Argentina and then you have the real ones.

I decided to just do a little clean up/fix up on this one. Pulled the engine and transmission, seats, dash frame. I completely rewired the car, took everything off the engine for repainting. All new brackets where needed. New racing header. Not much money but about two-three weeks for work. I also added structural top frame supports and rerouted the steering (Photo A). Got rid of the lame steering column and replaced it with a streetrod 1.75" polished aluminum column and then mounted all the electrics on the dash. Makes the car more period looking (Photo B)

Photo A
Photo B
Coming back together
Starting to look like a car again